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Accelerate your online sales for your HOBBY GAME INDUSTRY product

Increase your sales, enhance your brand, and protect your margin on AMAZON and other ecommerce platforms

Online sales

We can help with online sales fulfillment and marketing. Whether you are looking to enter the Amazon and other 3rd party sales channels arena or to boost your own ecommerce website, our team of experts can handle it all.

Pricing Protection

Protect your bottom line from resellers and counterfeiters through our MAP enforcement and anti-reseller protection. Further protect your brand from market saturation.

Increase Profitability

Generate more revenue than wholesale can offer through our Amazon sales service. Or, Generate sales without 3rd-Party fees through your own ecommerce portal.

Uniform Marketing

Create a unique brand experience on Amazon and through other sales portals. Streamlined and consistent marketing ensures your product's quality shows to consumers.


Most hobby-industry products are losing the battle to the world of ecommerce. We’re here to help.


Many hobby-related products are losing the fight when it comes to battling the behemoth of Amazon. With one of the world’s most competitive markets being accessible to anyone, many of the industry’s products continually face brand degradation and slimmer margins. MAP enforcement has become virtually impossible on Amazon along with other platforms. Counterfeit copies of popular games continue to enter circulation. On top of all of this, many of your profit is being lost to 3rd party sellers, shady distribution practices, and Amazon itself. 

This is where Level One Online Sales Services come in.

Through our extensive experience in Amazon and Brick and Mortar sales in this and other industries, we’ve developed a system for protecting you, your brand(s), and your pocket book.

Choose your solution

From small personal projects to large creations, we have the right solution for you.



  • Kickstarter Campaign Management
  • Game Development Consultation
  • Kickstarter Campaign Fulfillment
  • Ongoing Fulfillment for Kickstarted Campaign
  • Level One Trademark Registration
  • Brand Protection for Kickstarted Product
  • Amazon Customer Service



  • Complete Online Management and Fulfillment for New Products
  • Ongoing Fulfillment For Managed Products
  • Game Development Consultation
  • Assistance Registering Own Trademark
  • Level One Select Branding
  • Brand Protection for Managed Products
  • Ecommerce Customer Service



  • Complete Online Management and Fulfillment for Existing Catalog
  • Complete Online Management and Fulfillment for New Products
  • Game Development Consultation
  • Additional Brand and Counterfeit Protection
  • Optional Level One Select Branding
  • Branding Optimization and Enhancement
  • Ecommerce Customer Service

Frequently asked questions

We begin with either a simple phone call or a face to face meeting to determine your needs. After which, we provide a quote for onboarding and ongoing services. If your needs also extend into brick and mortar services, such as distribution, we can also help. 

Depending on your level of service needs, we assist you from point A through Z providing a complete solution. We are here to provide assistance in whatever capacity you need. 

We are a full ecommerce solution. Not only do we advise as a consultant would, we handle every part of meeting our clients needs. we have industry connections in publishing, Kickstarting, fulfillment, brand protection, MAP protection, copywriting, distribution, etc. You name it, we can probably make it happen. 

We are able to meet every aspect of fulfillment for Kickstarter Campaigns, Online Orders, and Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program. We also can work with providers to guarantee 2-day delivery or as a dropshipping service.

Ecommerce has created a new and exciting marketplace for brands to sell their products. However with this, the hobby industry has become saturated and, in turn, unbeliably competitve. This has resulted in brands being damaged through unfair pricing, MAP violations, counterfeit products, and even unaware sellers selling so low, even the manufacturers can’t compete with their pricing. We are able to protect your product on all those fronts. 

Trademark registration can be a costly and long process when done right (which we strongly suggest in this industry). Rather than have our clients bare the cost of registering their own trademark for their product, we bring your product under our trademark umbrella. Don’t worry, we don’t claim ownership of your intellectual properties or use our service to claim your game as ours. Furthermore, it provides greater upside for lesser-known games we assist you in publishing through utilizing our brand and accounts to represent your product. 

In the instance that you want to utilize your own trademark, we still want to be known as one of the forces that helped you and your game become successful. Part of guaranteeing that we represent only quality products means we want to furnish a seal of approval that is displayed on your product’s packaging. 

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